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Table 4 Knowledge and attitudes about sun safety amongst farmers in western New South Wales

From: Sun safety knowledge, practices and attitudes in rural Australian farmers: a cross-sectional study in Western New South Wales

Knowledge questions Answered correctly, n (%)
Is prolonged exposure to sun harmful? 139 (96.5)
Sun exposure is healthy because: Method of skin tanning 136 (94.4)
Source of vitamin D exposure 117 (81.3)
Helps to improve mood 45 (31.3)
Not healthy at all 122 (84.7)
UV radiation can cause the following: No health problems 139 (96.5)
Skin cancer 138 (95.8)
Premature aging 122 (84.7)
Sunburn 133 (92.4)
Cataracts 96 (66.7)
Attitude Statements Agreed with the statement, n(%)
Using sun protection is important to me 126 (87.5)
Using sun protection is convenient for me 104 (72.2)
I think I am at higher risk of developing skin cancer compared to the average population 86 (59.7)