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Table 5 Subthemes and example quotes to support Theme 4

From: The understanding, acceptability, and relevance of personalised multidimensional physical activity feedback among urban adults: evidence from a qualitative feasibility study in Sri Lanka

Identified more suitable options to increase PA “As a human, we don’t have to go to the gym for burning energy. We can do it through our daily activities…….A study like this can put a person, who can’t go to a gym properly or who can’t go to a playground, to the right path. Through this platform, how he can make use of his daily activities to improve his health is shown” (A male in his 50’s among the apparently healthy adults)
“I realized that rather than doing heavy activities, it is better to do a lot of light activities. It is much better to increase the activity time through light intensity activities even in short bouts, rather than struggling to do strenuous activities and trying to satisfy the calorie burning requirement at once.” (A female in her 30’s among the adults at risk of chronic NCDs)
Mainly focus on calorie burn If we reach the recommended total calories burn, do we have to worry about moderate & vigorous bouts?” (A female in her 40’s among the primary healthcare professionals)
Coupled with diet/calorie intake If I can burn this much of calories by doing these as well as control my eating habits, I might be able to lose about 1 kg a week (laughs).” (A female in her 30’s among the adults at risk of chronic NCDs)