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Table 4 Subthemes and example quotes to support Theme 3

From: The understanding, acceptability, and relevance of personalised multidimensional physical activity feedback among urban adults: evidence from a qualitative feasibility study in Sri Lanka

Use denial as an immediate coping mechanism “The week I spent wearing this band was different from my usual week owing to the prevailing weather. I had to spend this week with less active work. I couldn’t do any outdoor activities in the last few days. Hence, my level of activity is reported as quite low during the testing period.” (A male in his 50’s among the apparently healthy adults)
Feedback is motivating “When I see this, I think it is an incentive to achieve my goal. With this knowledge, I can bring down my weight and I am now motivated to change my routine.” (A female in her 40’s among the apparently healthy adults)
Discrepancies from PA targets effective “It is good so that we can motivate ourselves to achieve the maximum. We can see the level we have achieved and the level we need to achieve.” (A male in his 40’s among the primary healthcare professionals)
PA targets are realistic “This profile is generated based on my activities of the whole week; comparing this with the activities I did in a day, I think I can do it. I mean, I can achieve this easily, without being too tiered. I think I can change my behaviour to achieve these targets.” (A male in his 20’s among the apparently healthy adults)
Suggested of incorporating daily activities instead of a proper plan to address the deficient calorie burn “I usually climb stairs only once in the morning. At the same time, I bring all necessary things and climb up there at night to sleep only (laughs). Climbing stairs is an activity which I tried to avoid as much as possible. But after seeing this profile, it is also a very useful activity to burn some calories. So, I should do more of that from now on.” (A female in her 30’s among the adults at risk of chronic NCDs)
Set a plan of action to increase PA “I plan to engage in some sort of activities during leisure time.... at least walk for 20 min or do something I can do.” (A male in his 20’s among the apparently healthy adults)