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Table 3 Subthemes and example quotes to support Theme 2

From: The understanding, acceptability, and relevance of personalised multidimensional physical activity feedback among urban adults: evidence from a qualitative feasibility study in Sri Lanka

Features are ‘novel and surprising’ “I was excited since I have never seen a device like this before. Also, I never thought such a small wrist band could provide this much information. It’s very useful and is actually good work.” (A male in his 20’s among the apparently healthy adults)
“We have never come across this type of feedback in our life. We have seen information like this only twice before. One to indicate the strength of earthquakes, and the other to measure heart rhythm.” (A male in his 30’s among the apparently healthy adults)
A mismatch with their initial perception of behaviour “No. It’s different than I expected. Though I had assumed I was working hard, such as carrying weights, standing for a long time… I have not.” (A male in his 20’s among the apparently healthy adults)
Reveals some ‘unexpected’ information “This feedback also shows the light activities that I have done. I did not know that we burn this much of calories by doing light activities. I thought these activities are not worthy in terms of calorie expenditure, so I didn’t see any value in these for improving health.” (A female in her 30’s among the adults at risk of chronic NCDs)
Feedback challenges myths about PA “To date, I have thought that we should sit, sleep and rest as much as possible. I thought it is not good to be standing for long hours, because it burns a lot of calories. Today only I got to know that it is actually good, but not good to be sedentary… I can now balance both aspects.” (A male in his 20’s among the apparently healthy adults)
Increases knowledge of PA “Yes, I gained knowledge from this. It increased my knowledge from 1 to 90%.” (A male in his 20’s among the apparently healthy adults)
Generates apathy towards the feedback provided “To the majority, it can be explained by this [referring to the activity wheel], and those who can grasp the message would do so quickly. Personally, I don’t like to listen to many things, it can become boring. If it can be quickly explained including how to attain the targets, that should be sufficient.” (A male in his 50’s among the apparently healthy adults)