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Table 2 Subthemes and example quotes to support Theme 1

From: The understanding, acceptability, and relevance of personalised multidimensional physical activity feedback among urban adults: evidence from a qualitative feasibility study in Sri Lanka

Certain graphics/concepts were confusing “My understanding is that this should be a dark blue line if I had worked hard [wrong interpretation of the colour code]. I am someone who actually works hard, and this feedback has confirmed it.” (A female in her 20’s among the primary healthcare professionals)
Need initial help to understand the feedback “I understood the activity wheel and its overall interpretation, but I need some help with this section on activities given on a daily basis…It is a little bit complicated to understand it at once.” (A male in his 30’s among apparently healthy adults)
Understand where own PA does not reach PA guidelines “I feel that the amount of physical activities I have been doing is not enough. The graphic presentation helped me to realise this.” (A male in his 20’s among the apparently healthy adults)
Recognize the link between PA & health “Actually, this feedback helped me professionally, it has made me understand the link between health and physical activity more than ever before.” (A female teacher in her 40’s among those at risk of chronic NCDs)
Believability in data presented “On this day, I roughly set the alarm at 5 am, snoozed it at 5.05 am and woke up at 5.10 am. This chart indicates the time I woke up, also the time period I was travelling in the vehicle and the period I was sleeping. It is 100% accurate!” (A male in his 20’s among the apparently healthy adults)
Preference for graphics above statistics “It is better to use pictures rather than numbers because anyone can understand it regardless of their level of education.” (A female in her 40’s among the adults at risk of chronic NCDs)