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Table 1 RUCAS neighborhoods and primary interventions by component

From: The Regeneración Urbana, Calidad de Vida y Salud - RUCAS project: a Chilean multi-methods study to evaluate the impact of urban regeneration on resident health and wellbeing

Overall neighborhood description Year of construction 1992 1996
Travel time to the city’s downtown by public transport 25 min 70 min
Inhabitants (census 2017) 831 3834
Number of dwellings pre-intervention 384 1256
Housing interventions Expansion: Dwelling area (m2) before the intervention 42 42
Expansion: Dwelling area (m2) after the intervention 57 84
Thermal and acoustic insulation yes yes
Improvement of roofs yes yes
Upgrading or installation of utilities (sanitation, electrical) yes yes
Final housing location Remodeled but not expanded dwelling within the villa yes yes
Same remodeled dwelling yes yes
Different rehabilitated dwelling within the villa yes yes
New dwelling within the villa yes yes
New dwelling in an adjacent new villa no yes
Undetermined dwelling outside the villa (expropriation) yes yes
Built environment interventions Dwellings demolished (as % of existing dwellings before intervention) 18% 34%
New recreational public spaces (green areas, parks) yes yes
Sports facilities (sport courts, playgrounds) no yes
Tree planting on streets and in parks yes yes
Improvement of roads (streets, sidewalks) yes yes
Improvement of existing public lighting yes yes
New bus stop no yes
Community interventions New community centers yes no
Participatory social diagnoses yes yes
Revitalization of community organizations yes yes