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Table 2 Main themes, sub-themes and meaning units

From: Adolescents who are overweight or obese - the relevance of a social network to engaging in physical activity: a qualitative study

Main theme Sub-theme Example of meaning unit
Interests Barrier Just something to do “It has always been about changing diet, cycling, exercising and all that. In the end I was shit tired.”
Facilitator Variety of activities “It is fun to change activities and not just do one thing. That is part of it, not taking part only in basketball or indoor bandy.”
Peers/Others Barrier Not good enough “It wasn’t just that you felt you couldn’t do it. Someone told you “You can’t do this”, without actually saying it in words.”
Facilitator Be like others “When I run up a flight of stairs, I do not get tired. I feel that the body is healthier and happier. I can do the same as others do.”
Situation Barrier No understanding “I hate swimming with others. That is some of the most difficult. No one understands that I don’t think it is any fun. Everyone just tries to push me to join.”
Facilitator Good relationships “I went there, and everyone was just very nice. I met those who were there, and I just wanted to exercise there.”