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Table 1 Participant timeline

From: Syringe service program-based telemedicine linkage to opioid use disorder treatment: protocol for the STAMINA randomized control trial

  Study Period
Enrollment Allocation Post-allocation Close-out
Time point -t1 0 t1 (baseline) t2 (3 months) t3 (6 months)
 Eligibility assessment x     
 Informed consent x     
 Allocation   x    
 Baseline characteristics    x   
 Telemedicine preference    x   
 Treatment linkage, engagement, & retention (FQHC records)     x x
 Opioid use (self-report)    x x x
 Criminal justice involvement (self-report)    x x x
 Quality of life (self-report)    x x x
 Mortality (state vital records)     x x
 Drug test    x x x
 Telemedicine Linkage    x   
 Standard referral    x