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Table 1 Parameters used in the main text

From: Modeling of suppression and mitigation interventions in the COVID-19 epidemics

Parameter Description Value (range)
β(t) Transmission rate with time \(\beta (t) = \frac {\mathbf {R}_{t}}{\left (\frac {\theta _{a}(1-f_{I})}{\gamma _{A}}+\frac {f_{I}}{\gamma _{I}}+\frac {\theta _{p} f_{I} f_{P}}{\omega }\right)}\)
R0 Basic reproduction number 2.2 [34]
\(\frac {1}{\delta }\) Incubation period 5.1 days [35]
\(\frac {1}{\gamma _{I}}\) The infectious period for symptomatic infection 2.3 days [24]
\(\frac {1}{\gamma _{A}}\) The infectious period for asymptomatic infection 2.3 days [assumed]
fI The proportion of symptomatic infection 0.8 [36]
\(\frac {1}{\omega }\) The delay days between severe infection and hospitalization 2.7 days [24]
\(\frac {1}{\mu }\) Hospital stay period for severe infection 8 days [24]
fP The propotion of infection requiring hospitalization 0.3 [24]
fD The proportion of severe infection to die after hospital stay 0.065[calculated] [31]
θa Infectious factor for asymptomatic infections 1.0 [32]
θp Infectious factor for severe infections 1.0 [assumed]
Im Medical resources 0.0023 [calculated] [37]
It Tolerance parameter for infection \(\frac {100}{N}\) [assumed]
αs Suppression coefficient [0.1,0.4] [assumed]
αm Mitigation coefficient [0.5,0.8] [assumed]