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Table 1 Criteria for exposure. Consensus definition of groups of mental conditions

From: Parental mental health conditions and use of healthcare services in children the first year of life– a register-based, nationwide study

Exposure Specification
At least one criterion fulfilled
Further criteria
All criteria fulfilled
Healthcare sector and registry
Minor mental health conditions Medication - At least 2 reimbursed prescriptions of:
- antidepressant medicine (ATC N06AB, N06AX)
- anxiolytic (benzodiazepines: ATC N03AE, N05BA, N05CD, N05CF)
Services at general practice
- At least two ‘talk therapy’
- At least two psychometric tests
Other services
- At least one contact to private psychologist
No contacts to psychiatric hospital and no psychiatric hospital diagnoses
No records of contact to private psychiatrist
Primary healthcare sector
The Danish Health Service Register for Primary Care
Danish National Prescription Registry
Moderate to severe mental health conditions - Any registered psychiatric diagnosis (ICD-10 F00–99) at psychiatric hospital
- Mental health conditions treated at private psychiatrists (including child and adolescent psychiatrists)
  Secondary healthcare sector
The National Patient Register
The Danish Health Service Register for Primary Care
Reference group
No mental health condition
None of above
- No registrations of psychiatric diagnoses and no mental health condition-related contacts to GP, psychologist or private psychiatrist and
- No prescriptions of antidepressants or anxiolytic drugs
  1. Exposure was measured in a period of 5 years before the birth of the child