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Table 1 Parameters for the model

From: Effect of different resumption strategies to flatten the potential COVID-19 outbreaks amid society reopens: a modeling study in China

  Explanation Value Reference
R0 The basic reproductive number 2.2
(95% CI, 1.4 to 3.9)
Li et al. [44]
1/r The mean incubation period 5.2 Lauer et al. [45]
Backer et al. [46]
w The daily infection detection rate 0.5762
(95% CI, 0.2655 to 0.8870)
Calibrated by epidemic data in Beijing
v The daily infection recovery rate 0.0417
(95% CI, 0.0363 to 0.0471)
Calibrated by epidemic data in Beijing
m The daily death rate 0.0009 Wang et al. [47]