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Table 3 Climate change perceptions themes and sub-themes that emerged through the process of qualitative analysis. The most common 5–6 sub-themes are shown per theme

From: Public perceptions of Lyme disease and climate change in southern Manitoba, Canada: making a case for strategic decoupling of climate and health messages

Climate change perceptions
Causes Impacts Risk and Awareness Solutions and Politics
• Fossil fuels, emissions
• Pollution
• Urban sprawl, population growth
• Manufactured problem
• Responsibility for the problem
• Temperature changes
• Weather changes and extremes
• Health, human impacts
• Ice, oceans, water
• Pests, invasive species
• Fire, drought
• Geographic risk
• Temporal risk
• Media coverage
• Change is constant, natural
• Skepticism or denial of the risk
• Adaptation
• Individual, collective action
• Disbelief or skepticism in solutions
• Government and politics
• Lack of scientific knowledge