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Table 1 Overview of the core elements of the ASPIRE model and intervention activities

From: Evaluation of a health-related intervention to reduce overweight, obesity and increase employment in France and the United Kingdom: a mixed-methods realist evaluation protocol

ASPIRE theme

Intervention activities

 Self-esteem and support within a community

• Virtual reality guided meditation

• Listening points

• Self-care and self-image support activities

• Motivational interviewing

• Sophrology

• Positive experience workshops

• Integration into a commitment valuation system

• Understanding behaviour change workshops

 Grow your own - ‘Being Active’

• Setting up and maintaining community allotment or personal vegetable patch workshops

• Walking groups

• Understanding of seasonal and local food cultivation workshops

• Fitness and wellbeing classes: yoga, tai chi, mindfulness

• Health and safety in the garden workshop

• Level 1 Award in Horticultural Skills

 Eat your own - ‘Nutrition’

• Diet and nutrition workshops

• Cooking classes

• Food shop on a budget tools and support

• Cooking on a budget/cooking with leftovers resources

• Sourcing cheaper healthy produce

• Meal planning, reducing waste and food preservation workshops.

• Cooking with home grown produce

• Cooking with limited resources

• Food Safety in Catering Levels 1 and 2

• Level 1 Cert in Food prep and cooking

 Sell your own - ‘Achieving goals and employability’

• Soft skills recognition and development workshops

• Links with local business to offer volunteering and work experience

• Interview preparation: mental and physical via workshops and virtual reality

• Entrepreneurship support

• Workshops to define skills (interpersonal skills and know-how), strengths and weaknesses

• Know how to introduce yourself (in connection with the virtual reality interviews)

• Interview with a referent

• Level 2 Principles of COSHH (Control of Substances, Hazardous to health)

• Level 2 Principles of Manual Handling

• Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work.