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Table 1 Interview sample characteristics

From: How do Muslim community members perceive Covid-19 risk reduction recommendations - a UK qualitative study?

Participant aAge/gender Participant identified themselves as a key worker Participant identified other member of household as key worker
P1 Middle-aged female No No
P2 Middle-aged female Yes No
P3 Younger-aged female No No
P4 Younger-aged female No Yes
P5 No age given Yes Yes
P6 Younger-aged female Yes Yes
P7 Younger-aged female No No
P8 Middle-aged female Yes No
P9 Middle-aged female No Yes
P10 Younger-aged male Yes No
P11 Younger-aged female No No
P12 Middle-aged male Yes Yes
P13 Middle-aged female No Yes
P14 Younger-aged male No No
P15 Middle-aged female No Yes
P16 Late middle -aged male No Yes
P17 Younger-aged male No Yes
P18 Younger-aged male No Yes
P19 Middle-aged female No Yes
P20 Younger-aged male No Yes
P21 Middle-aged male Yes Yes
P22 Late middle -aged male No No
P23 Younger –aged male No Yes
P24 Late middle -aged male No No
P25 Late middle -aged male Yes No
  1. aYounger age adults (19–34 years); aMiddle-aged adults (35–49 years); aLate middle-aged adults (50–65 years)