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Table 2 Unadjusted and adjusted risk ratios (RR) for the effect of temporal discounting rates on retention and complete uptake of PMTCT services

From: Role of temporal discounting in a conditional cash transfer (CCT) intervention to improve engagement in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) cascade

  Discount rate RR (95% CI) Adjusted RR (95% CI)a
 Retention High 0.64 (0.32–1.28) 0.64a (0.31–1.32)
Low 1 (ref) 1 (ref)
 Complete uptake of PMTCT services High 0.63 (0.41–0.95) 0.61b (0.40–0.93)
Low 1 (ref) 1 (ref)
  1. CI Confidence Interval
  2. aAdjusted for CCT arm, wealth index, depression symptoms and alcohol use in pregnancy
  3. bAdjusted for CCT arm and wealth index