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Table 5 Examples of psychological problems

From: Problems after flight: understanding and comparing Syrians’ perspectives in the Middle East and Europe

Jordan Turkey Switzerland
“Worrying about my husband since he’s sick[…][J9] “Feeling alone and have no friends” [T9] “I don’t feel secure here because I am temporary and I have F” [CH36]
“I am constantly anxious” [J48] “The illness of my daughter, I am afraid of losing her” [T15] “I am worried because I turn 65 years and I don’t have enough money to live securely” [CH55]
“Being afraid to go back to my home country since we have no house left and no job” [J57] “Remembering the bad time that we had” [T21] “The situation in northern Syria […]. My father insists on staying in the city despite the war and I fear for them” [CH54]