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Table 3 List of Anxiety-related Words

From: PM2.5 exposure and anxiety in China: evidence from the prefectures

Number Word
1 Anxiety
2 Anxiety disorder
3 Anxious neurosis
4 Depression
5 Melancholia
6 Depressive neurosis
7 High pressure
8 High pressure (There is another expression in Chinese)
9 Hair loss
10 Nervous
11 Insomnia
12 Feeling of anxiety
13 Depression test
14 Depression test (There is another expression in Chinese)
15 Pressure test
16 Hairline moving back
17 Worry
18 Mental stress
19 Occupational stress
20 Psychological pressure
21 Stress management
  1. Notes: Internet user search messages in Baidu using Chinese and the translation of each Chinese keywords is listed in English