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Table 1 The mechanisms of injuries and ICD-10 code

From: The injury mechanisms and injury pyramids among children and adolescents in Zhuhai City, China

Mechanisms of injuries ICD-10 code
Road traffic injuries V01-V89
Falls W00-W19
Bruise/crush/glass or knife cut/machine accident W20-W31
Foreign matter entering the eye or other cavity/cutting and puncture device injuries W41-W49
Boxing and punching injuries in sports W50- W52
Animal bites W53-W59
Drowning W65-W74
Asphyxiation W75-W84
Fires and burns X00-X19
Poisoning X20-X29,X40-X49
Overwork/travel and poverty X50- X57
Self-harm/suicide X60-X84
Harm by others X85-Y09
Drug reaction/medical accident/surgery and medical complications Y40-Y84
Others W32-W40, W60, W64, W85-W99, V90-V99, X30-X39, X58-X59, Y10-Y34, Y35-Y36, Y85-Y89,Y90-Y98