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Table 2 Immigration Details of the Participants

From: A qualitative study on mixed experiences of discrimination and healthcare access among HIV-positive immigrants in Spain

Time living in Spain, y
 1–5 6
 6–11 1
 12–16 2
 17> 2
 Unclear 1
Documentation status when arrived
 Documented 5
 Undocumented 5
 Asylum seeker 2
Documentation status now
 Documented 7
 Undocumented 3
 Asylum seeker 2
Immigrated to Spain alone
 Yes 6
 No 6
Living with partner/family member
 Yes 6
 No 5
 Unknown 1
Reason(s) of immigration
 Financial situation of country of origin 3
 Political situation of country of origin 3
 Health reasons 1
 Political situation and health reasons 1
 Other (Spanish partner, threat to life in the country of origin, financially supporting child already living in Spain, seeking treatment for a family member) 4