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Table 1 The variables tested for the association with anemia in the logistic regression Models 1–4

From: Inequality, chronic undernutrition, maternity, and diabetes mellitus as the determinant of anemia among ever-married women in Bangladesh

Model 1:

Socio-economic status

Household-level wealth index (Low, Medium or High)

Model 2:

Model 1 variable and Sociodemographic variables


Respondent Highest Education Level:

None/completed primary/completed secondary or higher


Place of residence:



Employment status:

Employed/Not employed


Sex of house old head:



Number of children:

None/One/Two/Three or more


awomen reproductive age:

Early reproductive (< 20 years)/Middle reproductive (20–38 years) /Late reproductive (39–42 years)/Early premenopause (43–46 years)/Late premenopause (< 46 years)


Family size:

Small/Large (Number of family members 7 or over which is based on mean number of members in a household).

Model 3:

Model 2 variables and diabetes and maternity status


Maternity status:



bFasting plasma glucose levels:

Normal/Peri diabetic/Diabetes

Model 4:

Model 3 variables and BMI


Underweight/thin (< 18.50 kg/m2); Normal (18.50, 24.99 kg/m2); Overweight (25,30 kg/m2); Obese (> 30 kg/m2)

  1. a The menopausal age is considered from the study of Bharadwaj et al. [24]
  2. b The 2011 BDHS measured the blood glucose level using the HemoCue 201+ blood glucose analyzer (Teleflex Medical L.P., Markham, Canada) in whole blood obtained by finger prick from the capillaries in the middle or ring finger after an overnight fasting—an approach that is widely used in resource-limited settings. The definition of “diabetes” is adopted from the Demographic Health Surveys report, that is, fasting plasma glucose greater than or equal to 7.0 mmol/L or use of anti-diabetic medication. Subjects with “pre-diabetes” were defined as subjects with fasting plasma glucose concentrations in the range of 6.1–6.9 mmol/L and not taking anti-diabetic medication [25]. For this classification of “diabetes” and “prediabetes”, the cutoff point for fasting plasma glucose was according to the recommendation of the American Diabetes Association [26] and International Diabetes Federation [27]