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Table 2 Awareness of rubella and participation in the rubella vaccination programa

From: Factors associated with participation in an ongoing national catch-up campaign against rubella: a cross-sectional internet survey among 1680 adult men in Japan

  n (%)
Knowledge about rubella
 Understood the government recommendation about rubella vaccination for men of their generation 962 (57.3)
 Knew that men born from fiscal years 1962 to 1978 had no opportunity for rubella vaccination 831 (49.5)
 Had acquaintances who received the rubella antibody test or vaccination 138 (8.2)
 Able to confirm a rubella vaccination history by the Maternal and Child Health Handbook 360 (21.4)
 Aware of congenital rubella syndrome 913 (54.4)
Participation in the rubella vaccination program
 Received a voucher for rubella antibody testing and vaccination from the government in fiscal year 2019 862 (51.3)
 Underwent rubella antibody testing in fiscal year 2019 using the voucher 435 (25.9)
 Vaccinated against rubella in fiscal 2019 using the voucher 101 (6.0)
  1. aAmong men aged 41–47 years in Japan in 2019 (n = 1680)