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Table 3 Exemplary Quotes on Intervention Feasibility among Latinx Sexual Minority Men (n = 26) and Latinx Transgender Women (n = 15)

From: The acceptability and feasibility of a pilot study examining the impact of a mobile technology-based intervention informed by behavioral economics to improve HIV knowledge and testing frequency among Latinx sexual minority men and transgender women

Feasibility Components Themes Exemplary Quotes from Latinx Sexual Minority Men Exemplary Quotes from Latinx Transgender Women
Resource Assessment Technical difficulties “As far as I know, it was all going to be through text messages; the surveys were going to be via text messages, and they were going to send me texts. But honestly, I never received anything.” (Inactive) “Oh yeah, they were supposed to send me text messages, that’s correct, but I haven’t received any. I did get them for a while and then I didn’t get anything.” (Inactive)
Recommendations for technical issues “Someone should have called me, but nobody did.” (Inactive) “If the person would have helped me right there, and if I would have received a confirmation on my cell phone, but, as far as I remember, the person gave me a sheet of paper and said go to this website and follow the instructions and everything and that was it.” (Inactive)
Scientific Assessments Intensity of Scientific Assessments Not a lot of time spent on surveys: “The time was appropriate, although I wanted a little more. I understand you were very respectful of time.” (Active, Information Only) Not a lot of time spent on surveys: “I didn’t feel it was a lot of time or anything. It was fine.” (Active, Information Only)
Easy to understand: “They were like really user-friendly and they were to the point and they weren’t really like too like irrelevant...I feel like the questions they really applied to me, and I felt like it was a useful survey.” (Inactive) Easy to understand: “I think [the questions] were easy, honestly, they were easy, you just have to use common sense.” (Active, Information Plus)