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Table 1 Summary of key themes, sub-themes and interviewee group

From: “It’s a secret between us”: a qualitative study on children and care-giver experiences of HIV disclosure in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Codes and sub-codes Emerging themes heme Interviewee group
Planned or unplanned
Accidental disclosure
Place of disclosure
Care-giver involvement in disclosure
Experiences of the disclosure process Care-givers who had disclosed to their children, and children.
Reasons for disclosing (benefits)
Overall benefits of disclosure
Improved adherence
Improved communication
Improved health outcomes
Increased independence of the child
Reasons for disclosure Care-givers who had disclosed to their children.
Children were asked to reflect upon the potential benefits of disclosure.
Reasons for not-disclosing (perceived negative effects)
Shame and guilt
Being HIV positive
Fear of gossip
Multiple care-givers being responsible for the child
Fear of causing distress to the child
Not having enough information to do so
Reasons for non-disclosure Care-givers who had not disclosed to their children.
Children and care-givers who had not disclosed were asked to reflect more broadly on why other people may not disclose.