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Table 2 Protocol for Assigning Intensity Score for Each Strategy, Missouri HSHC 2013–2017

From: Association between multi-component initiatives and physical activity-related behaviors: interim findings from the Healthy Schools Healthy Communities initiative

Dimension Rubric for Scoring Intensity (0.1 = low;1.0 = high) Related Examples
Purpose High (1.0): Modifying policies, systems, and access
Med (0.55): Enhancing services and support
Low (0.1): Providing information; enhancing skills
High: A long-term transportation plan was passed and included a sales tax to generate revenue to support pedestrian and transportation infrastructure
Med: PA opportunities were offered as a reward in place of food but was not a mandated policy
Low: Fun fit night for families to engage in activities together
Duration High (1.0): Ongoing, throughout the year
Med (0.55): More than once per year
Low (0.1): One-time event
High: Joint-use agreement in place to enable school grounds to be used for PA after school hours
Med: Walking challenge occurring twice throughout the year
Low: 5 k Run
Reacha High (1.0): 21% or more of the population
Medium (0.55): 6–20% of the population
Low (0.1): 0–5% of the population
High: Livable Streets policy
Medium: Revised wellness policy impacted schools districtwide
Low: A rock wall was installed at a middle school
  1. aTargeted population was calculated using U.S. Census data for each targeted city/town