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Table 1 Dimensions of the questionnaires adopted in the ISA-Physical Activity and Environment study in Sao Paulo city, Brazil

From: Study protocol: health survey of Sao Paulo: ISA-Physical Activity and Environment

Dimension Evaluations
Wave 2 - Telephone interviews Wave 3 - Face-to-face interviews
Physical activity Yes Yesa
Sedentary behavior Yes Yesa
Perceived environment Yes Yes
Self-efficacy for physical activity No Yes
Social support for physical activity No Yes
Barriers to physical activity No Yes
Mobility and transportation Yes Yes
Sleep Yes Yesa
Nutritional status Yes Yes
Food consumption No Yes
Perceived health status Yes Yes
Emotional health No Yes
Self-report of diseases Yes Yes
Socioeconomic level Yes Yes
Household characteristics Yes Yes
Physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic Yes No
Obesity during the COVID-19 pandemic Yes No
Self-assessment of neighborhood Yes Yes
  1. aSelf-report and accelerometer