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Table 2 Main themes and sub-themes emerged in this study

From: Perceived barriers to the practice of preventive measures for COVID-19 pandemic among health professionals in public health facilities of the Gamo zone, southern Ethiopia: a phenomenological study

Main themes Sub-themes
Theme 1:Overview Origin
Mode of transmission
Sign and symptoms
Preventive measures
Theme 2:Consequences Stress on the HCPs
The socio-cultural and economic crisis
Theme 3:Perceived practice of preventive measures Using PPEs
Handwashing and using alcohol and sanitizer
Avoid contact
Appropriate waste disposal
Theme 4: Perceived barriers Community influence
Health care provider related barriers
Institutional barriers
Lack of communication and support
Theme 5:Newfangled activities Launching testing center and other services
Controlling patients, visitors, and staffs
Taskforce organization and surveillance
Theme 6: Suggestions for improvement by HCPs Conduct outreach services and involve community leaders
Control transportation
Strengthen multidisciplinary teamwork
Motivation and capacity building for staffs
Fulfill necessary supplies
Monitor activities continuously
Mass screening and campaign