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Table 1 Assumptions about number of participants, response rates, and panel attrition

From: JOBS Program Germany for health promotion among the unemployed in the community setting with institutions for employment promotion (JobsProgramDtl): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Information Event Allocation/Pre-Test Post-Test 6-months follow-up
-t1 t0 t1 t2
Response rate (per cent)   60% 80% 75%
Intervention group (n) 2500 750 600 450
Waiting control group (n) 750 600 450
Total (n) 2500 1500 1200 900
  1. Notes: -t1: 4–5 weeks before JOBS Program Germany; t0: pre-test interview and randomization within 1–2 weeks before JOBS Program Germany; t1: post-test interview within 4 weeks after JOBS Program Germany; t2: second post-test interview (follow-up) 6 months after JOBS Program Germany