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Table 2 Harmful health behaviours and poor health outcomes reported in Natsal-3 identified within health domains

From: How does the sexual, physical and mental health of young adults not in education, employment or training (NEET) compare to workers and students?

Harmful health behaviours Poor health outcomes
Domain: Mental/physical health
 - Current smoker
 - Usually drink > 6(women)/8(men) units of alcohol on one occasion (‘binge drinking’) at least weekly
 - Any illicit drug use, past year
Domain: Physical health
- Current health described as ‘fair’, ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’
- Long-standing illness/disability/infirmity
- 1+ chronic condition (excluding depression)
- Unhealthy BMI (< 18 | > 25)
Domain: Mental health
 - Received treatment for depression from a health professional, past year
Domain: Sexual health
 - 2+ condomless sex partners, past year
 - 1+ new unprotected sex partner, past year
 - 5+ partners, past year
Domain: Sexual health
- STI diagnosis, past year
- Unplanned pregnancy, past year (women only)
- Distressed/worried about sex life, past year
- Experienced completed non-volitional sex, ever