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Table 4 Risk factor reduction strategy costs (2018 $CAD)

From: Social and behavioral risk reduction strategies for tuberculosis prevention in Canadian Inuit communities: a cost-effectiveness analysis

Strategy Components Cost Reference
combined Tobacco Reduction strategy* (a) Total per-person cost of pharmacotherapy and counselling $1749 [66, 69, 70]
(b) Proportion of smokers who made a quit attempt 19.8% [51]
(c) Recommended per capita expenditure on mass media campaigns $2.10 [65]
Prorated mean cost of pharmacotherapy, counselling and mass media per individual smoker (a × b) + c: added to all smokersa $348  
on the land HEALING CAMP (a) Total per-person start-up cost of healing camps $1599 [21]
(b) Total per-person annual operating cost of healing camps $37,444 [21]
(c) Proportion of heavy drinking population participating in healing camp 7% [21]
Prorated mean cost of healing camps per individual heavy drinker
(a + b)× c: added to all heavy drinkers
combined food insecurity reduction strategy (a) Total per-person cost for Niqinik Nuatsivik Nunavut Food Bank $168 [46]
(b) Total per-person cost for Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program $1481 [47]
(c) Pregnant women as a proportion of the food insecure population 2.3% [71]
(d) Total per-person cost for Country Food Distribution Program $412 [48]
(e) Total per-person cost for community greenhouse project $11 [49]
Prorated mean per person cost of reduction strategy per food insecure individual
a + (b×c) + d + e : added to all food insecure individuals
Housing construction (a) Total per-person cost of building 426 new housing units $151,494 [67, 68]
(b) Total per-person cost of maintaining 426 housing unit annually $2530
(c) Proportion of population in crowded housing moving to a new house 6% [50]
Prorated mean per person cost per individual living in overcrowded housing
(a + b) ×c: added to all individuals living in overcrowded housing
  1. aMass media costs also applied to non-smokers, as exposure to mass media campaigns is not exclusive to smokers