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Table 13 Recommendations to improve PC-NTDs surveillance support activities

From: Assessment of surveillance core and support functions regarding neglected tropical diseases in Kenya

Themes Codes (Recommendations) Code groundedness
Standards and guidelines Availing PC-NTDs surveillance manuals 20
Provide guidelines for supervision 18
Provision of reporting guidelines 5
Provide guidelines for data analysis 3
Supervision Regular supervision from higher levels 76
Prioritising PC-NTDs in supervision agenda 59
Training and sensitisation on surveillance supervisory activities 29
Provide properly constituted supervisory teams 22
Resource provision to facilitate supervisory activities 22
Community involvement in supervisory activities 12
Provide focal person for surveillance supervisory activities 7
Regular supervisory visits to lower levels 7
Well formulated supervision schedules 4
Provision of written supervisory reports 3
Providing tools for conducting supervision 2
Training Regular sensitisation of health workers on PC-NTDs surveillance 59
Prioritising PC-NTDs surveillance in training 55
Involvement of all health workers in PC-NTDs surveillance training 31
Providing adequate surveillance training materials 28
Providing frequent updates on PC-NTDs 21
Retention of trained surveillance staff 10
Assessment of surveillance training needs for health workers 4
Proper coordination of surveillance training activities 2
Adopting modern training techniques using social media platforms 1
Resources Provide funding to facilitate PC-NTDs surveillance activities 103
Enhance human resource responsible for surveillance activities 83
Provision of surveillance tools and equipment 78