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Table 1 Bivariate analysis of factors associated with the waterpipe and cigarette dependence and problematic alcohol use

From: Relationships between inappropriate eating habits and problematic alcohol use, cigarette and waterpipe dependence among male adolescents in Lebanon

Variable LWDS-11 score FTND score AUDIT score
Age 0.092 −0.086 0.159b
Body Mass Index 0.012 0.058 0.104c
House crowding index 0.078 0.047 −0.028
EAT-26 score 0.180a 0.118c 0.138b
  1. LWDS Lebanese Waterpipe Dependence Scale, FTND Fagerstrom Nicotine Dependence Scale, AUDIT Alcohol use disorder identification test, EAT Eating attitude test; a p < 0.001; b p < 0.01; c p < 0.05; numbers correspond to the correlations coefficients (rho) obtained from the Spearman correlation test.