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Table 1 Definition of political exposure variables

From: Linking political exposures to child and maternal health outcomes: a realist review

Exposure variable Definition
Welfare state if the analysis included welfare regimes or welfare state
indicators (e.g. universal health coverage), but not measures of political ideology (e.g. along
the left-right dimension)
Political tradition if the study included variables referring to the left-right political dimension
(e.g. social democratic / egalitarian/ left vs. liberal / conservative / right political parties in
Democracy if the hypotheses tested involved democratic institutions or political rights
Globalisation if the article examined how high, middle, and/or low income countries are integrated
through global networks of trade, foreign investment, and multinational corporations
  1. Adapted from Barnish et al. (2018), Table 1. Copyright: Max Barnish, Michelle Tørnes and Becky Nelson-Horne – used by permission