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Table 4 Community members

From: What have we learnt from measles outbreaks in 3 English cities? A qualitative exploration of factors influencing vaccination uptake in Romanian and Roma Romanian communities

No.Length of time living in the UKSelf-reported ethnicity and nationalityChildrenReported vaccination status of childrenWhere vaccinated
13 monthsRomanian4 children, age range 2–14 years.Children fully vaccinated.Romania and the UK
23 yearsRomanian5 children, age range 1.5–14 yearsChildren only vaccinated with BCG.Romania and the UK
31 yearRomanianNo childrenN/ANo recent vaccinations (all vaccinations in childhood). All vaccinations received in Romania.
41 yearRomanian5 children, age range 5–16 yearsChildren fully vaccinatedRomania and the UK
53 yearsRomanian – mother was Romanian and father was Roma Romanian2 children, aged 7 months and 5 yearsChildren fully vaccinatedRomania and the UK
62 yearsRoma Romanian4 children, age range 1.5–13 yearsChildren fully vaccinatedRomania and the UK
73 yearsRomanian3 children, age range 6 months-3 yearsChildren fully vaccinatedRomania and the UK
82 yearsRomanian3 children, age range 3 to 9. Participant also pregnant at the time of interview.Youngest child has not been vaccinated.
Mother has also never had any vaccinations.
Romania and planned vaccinations for her youngest child in the UK
95 yearsRoma Romanian2 children, aged 19 and 21. One grandson aged 4 years.2 vaccinations declined for grandson – flu and another vaccination.Vaccinations for her children all received in Romania. Vaccinations for her grandson given in the UK.