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Table 1 Outbreak size and duration, and MMR vaccination coverage in Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool (2017–18)

From: What have we learnt from measles outbreaks in 3 English cities? A qualitative exploration of factors influencing vaccination uptake in Romanian and Roma Romanian communities

 Outbreak size (confirmed cases) and durationMMR 1st dose at 24 months (2017–18)MMR 1st dose at 5 years (2017–18)MMR 1st and 2nd dose at 5 years (2017–18)
Birmingham116 cases (November 2017– June 2018)87.6%93.7%81.6%
Leeds36 cases (November 2017 to January 2018)92.9%95.8%88.2%
Liverpool22 cases (November 2017)93.0%95.0%86.2%