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Table 4 Themes arising from the qualitative interviews

From: Time-efficient and computer-guided sprint interval exercise training for improving health in the workplace: a randomised mixed-methods feasibility study in office-based employees

Stage of protocolThemeSub-theme
REHIT adopted / initiatedTime-appealHealth and fitness benefits
Limited time commitments required
High self-efficacy due to brief exercise bouts
Convenient location
Early stages of the exercise programme (≤15 s)Positive perception of exercise boutsExercise bouts perceived as achievable
Positive psycho-social responses post-exercise
Later stages 20 s)Highly negative perceptions of exercise boutsExercise bouts perceived as intensely demanding
Increasing reluctance to engage with exercise
 Positive feedback regarding progress towards health / fitness goals
Adherence maintainedThe use of cognitive and behavioural strategies
Positive feedback
Positive psycho-social responses post-exercise
Intention to commit long-term