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Table 3 Main reason for never having been tested before by testing intention, in MSM at risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV

From: High risk men who have sex with men in Spain are reporting low intentions of actively seeking HIV testing: results from a cross-sectional study

 High intentionsMedium intentionsLow intentionsTotal 
N%N%N%N%P* = 0.006
Risk perception related reasons**14134,321240,319249,054541,0 
Do not know where to go to get tested without been identified9122,110820,56015,325919,5 
Fear of consequences of a positive result***4811,75911,2276,913410,1 
Not wanting to go to a general practitioner399,5529,9317,91229,2 
Discomfort when answering intimate and personal questions348,3438,24110,51188,9 
Not wanting to wait several days to obtain the results174,1112,171,8352,6 
Desire to test in a private center but lacking financial means61,5132,53,8221,7 
  1. *p value: Chi-square test
  2. **“I felt healthy” and “I thought that with my behaviours I could not be infected”
  3. ***It includes “fear of the consequences for my health”; “fear of losing my job or finding a new one”; “could have problems to obtain a work or residence permit”; “fear of rejection and discrimination”