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Table 2 Unadjusted means of primary and secondary outcome variables for the study arms (N = 146)

From: Randomized trial evaluating the effectiveness of within versus across-category front-of-package lower-calorie labelling on food demand

OutcomeProportion of (unlabeled) labeled products purchased (i.e., the counterfactual) (%)Calories per dollar (kcal/$)Total Spend ($)Total Calories (kcal)Calories per Serving (kcal/serving)
Unadjusted Mean of Control Sales Ordersa25.0 (vs. Within)226.052.511,764.9155.2
14.7 (vs. Across)
95% CI21.9, 28.0 (vs. Within)
12.1; 17.4 (vs. Across)
199.6; 252.451.8; 53.210,423.2; 13,106.6146.2; 164.3
Unadjusted Mean of Within-category Arm Sales Orders27.9235.352.612,265.2159.7
95% CI24.5; 31.4205.1; 265.651.9; 53.310,720.7; 13,809.8146.0; 173.3
Unadjusted Mean of Across-category Arm Sales Orders14.4238.352.612,443.2165.1
95% CI12.0; 16.7209.5; 267.151.8; 53.510,966.1; 13,920.3151.5; 178.8
  1. aEven though there is only one Control condition, we needed to identify two proportions, one for the products that would have been labeled in the Within-category arm and one for the products that would have been labelled in the Across-category arm; CI stands for Confidence Interval