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Table 4 Determinants using COM-B classification according to frequency with which they feature in the literature reviewed

From: Determinants of clean birthing practices in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review

 GeneralHand hygieneClean delivery surfaceClean cord cutting instrumentClean cord tieClean cord careTotal
n = 50n = 9n = 4n = 5n = 5n = 5n = 11 
  Educational level10000012
  Parity - no. children10000001
  Product acceptability00000011
  Fear of repercussions00000000
  Practical considerations00040004
  Willingness to pay00000011
  Product cost10000001
  Job motivation30000003
  Ownership/participatory approaches50100017
  Sense of pride10000001
  Teachable moment20100003
  Collective behaviours/social norms00000000
  Social heirarchies/community influencers721110416
  Traditional/cultural beliefs510421619
  Trust in attendant10000001
  Adequate materials/supplies1560001022
  Convenience of the activity12000003
  Ease of use of product00000000
  Remembering all required steps40000004