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Table 1 COM-B Model

From: Determinants of clean birthing practices in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review

Capability The individual’s psychological and physical capacity to engage in the activity concerned. Psychological The capacity to engage in the necessary thought processes - comprehension, reasoning et al.
Physical Physical capacity to engage in the activity concerned. Includes having the necessary skills.
Motivation All brain processes that energise and direct behaviour, not just goals and conscious decision-making. Reflective Reflective processes that involve evaluations and plans.
Automatic Automatic processes that involve emotions, impulses that arise from associative learning, and/or innate dispositions.
Opportunity All the factors that lie outside the individual that make the behaviour possible or prompt it. Social Social opportunity afforded by the cultural milieu that dictates the way that we think about things (e.g. the words and concepts that make up our language).
Physical Physical opportunity afforded by the environment.