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Table 3 Hospital food handlers’ response to knowledge questions based on temperature control (N = 210)

From: An assessment of the food safety knowledge and attitudes of food handlers in hospitals

Knowledge questions on receiving and storage of TCS foods and answer optionsFrequency (%)
Which of the following is the correct temperature for receiving TCS food?
 0 °C or lower16(7.6)
5 °C or lower124(59)
 7 °C or lower33(15.7)
 10 °C or lower36(17.1)
Which of the following is the maximum duration for which prepared ready-to-eat TCS food prepared in-house is stored at 5 °C?
 3 days167(79.5)
 5 days26(12.4)
7 days17(8.1)
 9 days0(0)
Which of the following is the best way to safely thaw frozen meat?
 Thawing at room temperature71(33.8)
Thawing in the refrigerator67(31.9)
 Thawing under a bowl of cold water31(14.8)
 Thawing by heating in the microwave41(19.5)
  1. NB: Correct answer indicated in bold