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Table 2 Employment and training details of hospital food handlers (N = 210)

From: An assessment of the food safety knowledge and attitudes of food handlers in hospitals

VariablesFrequency (%)
Type of employment
 Full time149(71)
 Part time4(1.9)
Current employment position
 Food service managers10(4.8)
 Food service supervisors12(5.7)
 Support staff6(2.9)
Experience in food handling practices
 Under 2 years38(18)
 2–4 years56(26.7)
 5–7 years43(20.5)
 8–10 years21(10)
 Above 10 years52(24.8)
Income per month
 Below R500059(28.1)
 Above R2000014(6.7)
Food Safety Training course