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Table 2 The interaction effect between obesity and current smoking on the incidence of hypertension

From: BMI modified the association of current smoking with the incidence of hypertension in Chinese population: a 22-year cohort study

The interaction termsCrudeAdjusteda
Total population
 obesity ×current smoking− 0.1720.001−0.1130.034
 obesity ×current smoking− 0.2190.007− 0.0890.273
 obesity ×current smoking−0.4060.002−0.2800.030
Aged 18–29 years
 obesity ×current smoking−0.0840.551−0.0950.499
Aged 30–49 years
 obesity ×current smoking−0.1100.180−0.1110.180
Aged 50–59 years
 obesity ×current smoking−0.2160.034−0.2020.049
Aged 60~93 years
 obesity ×current smoking0.1150.4180.1200.398
  1. aIn adjusted model, age, gender, current drinking, ethnicity, physical activity, and death were adjusted