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Table 4 Timing of breakfast consumption and parent’s perception of child’s breakfast intake

From: Breakfast consumption among Saudi primary-school children relative to sex and socio-demographic factors

Variable (percent within item relative to total)Breakfast Intake (%)p-value *
Time breakfast consumed by the child (%)  0.311
 Before 6:00 am (47.4%)24.875.2 
 After 6:00 am (52.6%)23.176.9 
Who prepare the breakfast for the child? (%)  0.039
 Mother (84.5%)20.379.7 
 Father (0.5%)20.080.0 
 Domestic helper (8.6%)33.766.3 
 Sister/brother (3.0%)16.183.9 
 The child himself/herself (2.1%)13.686.4 
 Brought ready from the market (0.3%)0.0100.0 
 Nothing is prepared at home (0.9%)0.0100.0 
How much Satisfied with the breakfast consumed by your child at home? (%)  0.004
 Satisfied (40.3%)24.076.0 
 Somewhat happy (47.3%)21.578.5 
 Not satisfied (12.4%)10.389.7 
As a meal, how important is your child’s breakfast for you? (%)  0.389
 Very important (91.2%)21.478.6 
 Somewhat important (8.0%)15.784.3 
 Not important (0.8%)12.587.5 
In your opinion, which is the most important meal of the day for your child? (%)  0.001
 Breakfast (80.2%)23.276.8 
 Lunch (17.7%)12.088.0 
 Dinner (2.1%)4.595.5 
How important having enough protein in your child’s breakfast? (%)  0.395
 Very important (73.7%)21.378.7 
 Not important (4.5%)29.570.5 
 I do not know (21.8%)20.479.6 
Do you think (as a parent) that having breakfast improves child’s academic performance? (%)  0.141
 Yes (93.0%)21.478.6 
 No (0.2%)50.050.5 
 I do not know (6.8%)12.987.1 
  1. *Chi Squares tests of the proportions for significant difference between boys and girls