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Table 2 Types of breakfast (%) usually consumed by Saudi children relative to gender (more than one choice was possible)

From: Breakfast consumption among Saudi primary-school children relative to sex and socio-demographic factors

VariableBoysGirlsAllp-value a
Spread cheese sandwich39.245.342.20.046
Fried egg sandwich45.
Breakfast cereals30.238.434.30.003
Boiled egg sandwich27.526.727.10.762
Nutella sandwich16.623.520.10.006
Tuna sandwich13.620.116.80.005
Fava beans (Foul)17.014.415.70.242
Labneh sandwich b10.517.814.20.001
Cheese pie (Fataer Jubin)9.810.410.10.367
Thyme sandwich6.911.29.00.015
Peanut butter sandwich8.
Falafel sandwich7.
Jam sandwich7.
Solid cheese sandwich5.
Labneh pie (Fataer Labneh)
Thyme pie (Fataer Zatar)
Mortadella sandwich4.
Yogurt-with or without fruits2.
Oreo biscuit/other types of biscuit4.
Hot dog3.
Cake or cookies2.
Chickpeas (Hummus) sandwich2.
French fries2.
Baked potatoes0.
Other kinds of breakfast2.
  1. aChi Squares tests of the proportions for significant difference between boys and girls
  2. bSoft, cream cheese made from strained yogurt, popular in Middle Eastern cuisine