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Table 2 Seasonal (August–November) malaria screening and treatment of laborers working in mechanized agricultural farms during 2015–2017 in mobile treatment centers and selected agricultural camps

From: Impact of high malaria incidence in seasonal migrant and permanent adult male laborers in mechanized agricultural farms in Metema – Humera lowlands on malaria elimination program in Ethiopia

Treatment centers201520162017
Mobile sites3902541421722137
G/SILASSE Camp49 237361238885
Desalegn camp30488209136145127181161206
Asmare camp3879549070641952373102532
Gosh Abraha camp431293017480
Mulalem camp2191142843431348517991367
Addisu camp15271114157
Mulugeta camp4513328235221413276261647
DrAyana camp3263373733203574662832462
Addis Hagos camp170170