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Table 3 Results of bivariate meta-regression for prevalence of HCV infection in β-thalassemia patients in Pakistan

From: The prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection in β-thalassemia patients in Pakistan: a systematic review and meta-analysis

CovariateCategoryNumber of StudiesMeta-regression Coefficient (%)p-valueVariance explained R2 (%)
Geographical region (Province)Khyber Pakhtunkhwa81 26.97
Year of publication 27−0.00980.11761.33
Year of study 21−0.00760.30580.00
Sample size<  10081 2.92
> = 10019−0.13290.1187
Proportion of males 23−0.00030.91890.00
Average age of patients 25− 0.00580.65983.41
Sample size, continuous 27−0.00980.11761.33