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Table 2 Descriptive Statistics of Major Variables

From: The association between PM2.5 exposure and suicidal ideation: a prefectural panel study

ISI-1Index of the suicide ideation measured by search volumes of indirect signals of suicidal thoughts from Baidu using PCA method (16 items)0.0160.967−0.6407.224
ISI-2Index of the suicidal ideation measured by search volumes of five short sentences in Chinese from Baidu using PCA method (5 items)0.0140.891−0.5175.736
PM2.5Prefecture’s weekly average PM2.5 100 μg·m− 3 in 20170.8620.4990.1898.670
PM10Prefecture’s weekly average PM10 100 μg·m−3 in 20175.4163.1200.33044.460
SO2Prefecture’s weekly average SO2100 μg·m−3 in 20171.2241.1590.02019.480
NO2Prefecture’s weekly average NO2100 μg·m−3 in 20172.0921.0180.1206.860
WebPortalFrequency of surfing Chinese major web portal0.0191.010−0.93311.408
PoSearchFrequency of searching air pollution related items0.0190.889−0.84032.592
TempWeekly averaged day mean temperature15.89710.582−23.90034.786
RainWeekly ratio of rainy days (Rain)0.2650.2430.0001.000
SunlightWeekly sunlight23.06721.1640.000105.441