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Table 1 Factor loadings of depression search index in Baidu

From: The association between PM2.5 exposure and suicidal ideation: a prefectural panel study

“I want suicide”0.6810.5370.7420.449
“I would like to commit suicide”0.4150.8280.4980.752
“How to commit suicide”0.6950.5180.7410.451
“Suicidal methods”0.670.5510.7310.465
“Methods of suicide”0.6610.5640.7280.471
wrist cutting0.7120.492  
hang oneself0.7090.498  
jump to death0.7330.463  
cutting one’s own throat0.5740.67  
lay on the railway0.5430.706  
attempt suicide0.0850.993  
suicide (suicide)0.7690.408  
Death ends all trouble0.5550.692  
Eigenvalue6.186 2.412 
Variance (%)38.66 48.23 
Cronbach’s Alpha0.818 0.723 
  1. Note. Principal component factor analysis. For ISI-1, KMO = 0.965 Bartlett’s test of sphericity = 5.23e+ 05 (120), p < 0.001. For ISI-2, KMO = 0.799 Bartlett’s test of sphericity =95,837.689 (10), p < 0.001