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Table 4 Proposed guidelines for embedding peers in services

From: Provision of peer support at the intersection of homelessness and problem substance use services: a systematic ‘state of the art’ review

Proposed guidelines for embedding peers in services
Role description Clear description of role / job needed to prevent peers from assuming extra responsibilities beyond their contractual tasks, overworking and burnout.
Compensation Transparency must be ensured in terms of compensation for the service provided so that peers can make informed choices regarding their terms of engagement. Recognition of the complexity regarding compensation and social welfare/security issues is needed. Low waged work should be challenged especially where peer roles are demanding and complex.
Support Support services must be available so that peers can feel emotionally supported given the difficult nature of their roles.
Development Training and development opportunities must be available to ensure career progression.
Value Value and recognition of peer workers must be ensured. Peers should feel welcome and included in their workplace and by other colleagues.
Accommodations Workplace accommodations should be in place as required by each individual.