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Table 2 Correlation of HL domains, PAM with total score of SMPs among multi-morbid COPD patients

From: Self-management practice, associated factors and its relationship with health literacy and patient activation among multi-morbid COPD patients from rural Nepal

VariablesMean ± SDSpearman’s correlationp-value
PAM34.18 ± 14.20.367< 0.001
HLQ domains
 HPS1.96 ±.76.528< 0.001
 HSI1.56 ±.74.433< 0.001
 SS2.73 ±.77.393< 0.001
 AE2.02 ±1.10.406< 0.001
 UHI1.78 ±.99.354< 0.001
  1. HPS Feeling understood and supported by healthcare providers, HIS Having sufficient information to manage my own health, SS Social support for health, AE Ability to find the good health information, UHI understand the health information well enough to know what to do